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To make a virtual appointment at our Katy Office, call: 


How does a virtual visit work?

1. Call our number and let the office know you would like to schedule a VIRTUAL VISIT (Curbside visit or videochat).

2. They will send you forms to fill out or take your information verbally.

3. Insurance will be verified.

4. Copayment for the service will be collected over the phone.

5. You will be added to our schedule.

6. You will receive a text message when the Dr. is ready to see you. (phone or device with video capabilities is required).

7. Click on the link to get started. 

8. Meet with our Dr. in the comfort of your own home or vehicle.

9. If medications are necessary, the Dr. will prescribe them to your pharmacy of choice.

10. That's it! Stay home, get well!

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