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Excel Urgent Care has on site lab services

At some point or another, you or your child will need Cypress, Missouri City, or Katy immunizations. From standard treatments against chicken pox, mumps, and measles to preventive measures, Excel Urgent Care can help. Whatever your need may be, the professionals at our clinic are ready and willing to assist you.

Sometimes, the thought of having to get shots can be scary. But, with more than 20 years of experience, our professional staff can provide the peace of mind you need when in their care. In addition, you may need treatment in a hurry, but are unable to see your regular doctor. Instead of being stuck without the vaccinations that you need, you can walk into our facility and be seen quickly and easily. Our seasoned staff knows how to assist a variety of patients, and you are no exception. Your happiness is our goal and we strive to make your experience in our facility as pleasant as possible.

So, when you need shots in a hurry, contact the experienced staff at Excel Urgent Care. We can handle of all of your Cypress, Missouri City, or Katy immunizations in a quick manner. There's no need for you or your child to be unprotected a moment longer. Contact us today.

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