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Making Mother's Day Special While in Quarantine

Showing Mom you care can be tricky this year, but don't worry. We have compiled a few ideas to help you show your Mom how much you care.

If you live with Mom

  • Surprise her with breakfast in bed (but let her sleep in!)

  • Write a chalk message along your daily walking route.

  • Write her a few notes and hide them around the house.

  • Coordinate with the whole family to do her favorite activity together (game night or baking cookies?)

  • Order from her favorite local takeout restaurant for dinner.

  • Clearn the house so she doesn't have to lift a finger.

  • Video-chat with grandma (she's a mom too!)

  • Pull out the family photos and reminisce together.

If you don't live with Mom

  • Send a meal from her favorite restaurant.

  • Drop off a little gift on her front porch.

  • Send a card in the mail.

  • Have all the siblings make a short video message for mom and edit it together.

  • Send a lovely flower arrangement.

  • Call her and let her know how much you love her.

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