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frequently asked questions

1. Does Excel Urgent Care offer Covid 19 (Coronavirus) testing?
Yes, we offer the PCR, Antigen (Rapid Results) and Antibody (Serology) Test. The PCR and Antigen (Rapid Results) are available via curbside through a nasal or oral swab to detect the presence of the virus at the time of testing. Antibody testing is done by collecting a blood test in-house and determines if you have been exposed to the virus in the recent past. It takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks from time of exposure to the virus, for your body to develop antibodies, so keep this in mind when requesting this form of testing. 

2. What is the difference between the 3 types of tests offered?

For more information on the PCR, Antigen (Rapid Results), and Antibody Tests, please review the complete documentation here.

3. Do you offer rapid results testing?

YES. Excel Urgent Care now offers the Rapid Test. Results are available onsite within 30 minutes.

4. Do I have to make an appointment for testing?
Appointments are required for all COVID-19 testing. To register for testing please click here. For all other visits, we are open for walk-in, immediate medical care.

5. How much is it? What forms of insurance do you accept?
There is no cost to our patients who have insurance*.
For self pay patients (uninsured) the cost is as follows:
- Rapid Results Test - $150
- Lab Results Test - $200

- Antibody Test - $220

*If you have insurance we are not affiliated with, we are no longer able to bill the cost of the test to your insurance. You will be responsible for paying the full self pay rate listed above.

We accept many insurance plans and are in network with most of the major carriers. Please call us to inquire if we accept your specific insurance plan.


6. I want to be tested. What is the process?

At this time, we are accepting walk-ins OR we can schedule you an appointment. For walk-ins, please arrive at one of our clinics during operating hours and we will administer your testing. If you have never been to one of our locations, there will be forms to complete when you arrive. Be sure to bring your ID, Insurance Card, and a debit or credit card for payment. If we are billing insurance, we will also ask for a debit or credit card to put on file. 

If you want to request an appointment, please read the following steps:

a. When you are ready please fill out our new patient paperwork. The forms are located here. 

b. Once we receive your completed forms, we will verify your insurance (if available) and we will process forms in the order that they are received. After we have completed your chart, we will call you to schedule an appointment. Payment for your visit will also be collected over the phone (if necessary).

c. After you have received a call from our office, please come to the clinic at the specified time.

d. When you arrive at the office, DO NOT COME INTO THE CLINIC. REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE and call our office to notify us you have arrived. Park in an empty spot, or if at the Cypress Office, proceed to line leading to the curbside testing tent.

e. We will set you up with a brief visit with one of our providers from the comfort of your vehicle. Katy and Missouri City office may include a virtual visit in which you will receive a text link to start your video-chat with the provider.

7. How do I get my results and how long does it take?

If you opt for the Rapid Test, you will have your results in about 30 minutes while you wait. If your swab is sent to our trusted partner lab, it will take about 2-4 business days on average to get results. You can obtain your results by going to, clicking on the “Patient Portal” tab in the top right corner then “View Test Results” tab or by calling 1-800-229-5227

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